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Unpacking Design is a podcast that shares the perspectives, thoughts, and ideas of two architects from New York on topics ranging from technology, lifestyle, career, health, and news.

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Mike LaValley

Mike is a designer at heart. Although there are several reasons why he became an Architect, one of the strongest is the opportunity to inspire others through the design of buildings. An avid technology nerd, he's always looking for the next trend, tool, or idea that could take his designs to the next level. Mike is a researcher, a curious adventurer, and a design-obsessed conversationalist. He tends to ramble sometimes, but Tim keeps the discussion in check.

Check out Mike’s writing at Evolving Architect and web design studio paperook.


Tim Ung

Tim's passion in life is design. He is a licensed architect in New York and is currently starting a leather company where he will be designing and selling handmade leather bags and accessories. Tim believes that design is an iterative process and successful projects emerge through the process of constantly refining ideas. Although Tim is a millennial, he's not well versed at Technology, which is Mike's forte.

Check out Tim's blog Journey of an Architect and leather goods shop Mars Leather Company.


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