Episode 01 - Unpacking Squarespace

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In this episode, we talk about our experiences using Squarespace to build our personal blogs and Unpacking Design's website. We discuss the benefits of using this website building platform and why we think it's a great tool for designers to showcase their work.

Squarespace is a platform that provides simple tools with an intuitive interface to help us build our website or online store. This platform provides beautiful templates that are designed and recommended for specific industries. After choosing a template, Squarespace provides simple click, drag, and drop tools to help us rearrange our website to our personal preferences. The platform also has preset design options where we can globally modify fonts, sizes, and colors to match our brand.

As designers, we're always focusing on creating content within our respective industries. Whether we're graphic designers, industrial designers, architects, painters, ceramicists, and so on, we should always be creating and sharing our work. We can do this by creating a website with a platform such as Squarespace that will allow us to build our websites to a point where we only need to upload new content to templates that we've created and share it with the world.

Check out Squarespace by clicking here.

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