Episode 02 - Unpacking Glowforge

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In this episode, we talk about the desktop laser cutter from Glowforge that was one of the biggest crowdfunded campaign within a 30 day period. We discuss the opportunities of using Glowforge for designers to create products to sell or physical manifestations of their work.

During the campaign stage of Glowforge, it was one of the first desktop laser cutters that would be manufactured for use in personal homes and offices. After 30 days, the crowdfunding campaign became the biggest campaign in history and raised close to $30 million. A year and a half after the crowdfunding campaign ended, Glowforge was finally at a point where the laser cutter was ready for distribution.

As Tim waits for the laser cutter to be delivered, we discuss some of the different ways laser cutters can be used by designers to create physical works of art and products. We get into some ideas about how Glowforge's technology brings laser cutting to a new level with on-board cameras that are capable of translating hand sketches into laser cuts and etches.

Check out the Glowforge by clicking here.

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