Episode 03 - Unpacking Canva

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In this episode, we talk about Canva, which is a simple to use app that allows users to create beautiful graphics through pre-designed boards. At a basic level, Canva provides templates and drag and drop tools to help us bring together images, headings, and supplemental text to create posters, banners, social media images, and other graphics that align with our message and brand.

Think of Canva as an app that provides templates that follow up-to-date trends and building blocks to help us create our own templates. It can be used to create beautiful graphics to help with our marketing, outreach, online presence, and branding. One of the ways we use Canva is by customizing the pre-designed templates for our blogs and social media so that we can reuse the template in the future. For example, let’s say we find a series of templates that we love on Canva. We can either use the template as it’s designed or make adjustments so that it fits with our brand. Then, we can swap images, update text, and export the graphic to whatever platform or size that we need.

We discuss the different ways that designers can use Canva to streamline their process of creating beautiful graphics to share with their audience. We also talk speculate about the potential downfalls and benefits of an app like Canva on the graphic design community because it allows everyone to develop their own graphic projects through a simple to use platform.

Check out Canva by clicking here.

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