Episode 04 - Unpacking Procreate

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In this episode, we talk about Procreate which is a sketching app on the Apple iPad that allows users to sketch, draw, paint, and so on by using our fingers or the Apple Pencil. This app allows designers to be able to draw using every kind of medium available to us in the real world. Best of all, the app allows designers to create their own mediums, layer their drawings, and work at high resolutions for final projects.

At a basic level Procreate allows designers to quickly develop sketches, work through layers, and develop final presentation drawings all within the app. Using the Apple Pencil, artists and designers are able to control the mediums that they’re using to draw through the amount of pressure that they’re putting on the Pencil. The powerful layering system includes functions that are similar to Adobe Photoshop. Among many other tools, Procreate has an endless amount of brush types and we have the option to create our own to help with our drawings and designs.

We geek out over Procreate’s incredible 16K resolution artboards. We also talk about the benefits of being able to travel with just an Apple iPad, Apple Pencil, and charger to create an endless amount of art and designs. Well, until you run out of space on your iPad from the art you’re creating at 16K…

Check out Procreate by clicking here.

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