Episode 05 - Unpacking Dropbox

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In this episode, we talk about Dropbox which is a cloud service that provides storage and file sharing with teams. Dropbox can be used in many different ways from collaborating on projects virtually with teams to basically being a place where we store our files as a backup or to work on later.

At a basic level Dropbox allows users to store their files and access them later from wherever there’s a connection to the internet. Using Dropbox, designers can upload all of their project files to the cloud instead of keeping them saved on portable hard drives which can drop and break, get stolen, lost, or corrupt. The best part about Dropbox is that users can share folders with others to collaborate on projects, build a collection of graphics, or simply share family photographs.

How do we use Dropbox? Mike uses Dropbox to organize all of his files for easy access, seamlessly upload photos and files to Dropbox through its automated functionality, and to collaborate with his teams on various projects. Tim shares folders on his Dropbox with his friends in other places around the world like New York City where Tim is designing an architecture project and has his friends upload photographs of the project site.

Check out Dropbox by clicking here.

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