Episode 07 - Unpacking Adobe Illustrator

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In this episode, we talk about Adobe Illustrator which is a vector based software that allows designers to develop high quality graphics that can be scaled to very large resolutions without losing quality. We go over the different ways that Adobe Illustrator can be used from developing simple icons, logos, finishing architectural drawings, and even bringing designs to life through machines like laser cutters.

At a basic level Adobe Illustrator provides tools such as shapes, text, image importing, image tracing, filters, layers, and so on that allow designers to develop beautiful graphics. Each tool in the software can be used in very complex ways. For example, users can develop custom swatches to fill shapes with patterns that repeat in a multitude of ways. Adobe Illustrator also offers an intelligent snapping system where objects can be easily aligned with one another by simply dragging one object on an artboard adjacent to another.

We discuss the different ways that we’ve used Adobe Illustrator for our own designs and at our architecture firms. Our uses range from developing posters and boards of our designs, illustrations for our blogs, developing architectural graphics, designing logos, and laser cutting our designs.

Check out Adobe Illustrator by clicking here.

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