Episode 08 - Unpacking BIG Time (A Documentary Starring Bjarke Ingels)

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In this episode, we talk about the documentary, BIG Time, that focuses on the world renowned architect Bjarke Ingels and his architecture firm, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). We talk about several iconic scenes from the documentary that reveals the life of one of the world’s prolific designers and its relationship to the issues, ambitions, and decisions faced by all designers.

BIG Time is a documentary that places viewers in Bjarke Ingel’s life over the period of 1 to 2 years. Throughout the film, we see what it’s like to be a world renowned architect with an architecture firm located in two continents. From making the decision to expand BIG from Copenhagen, Denmark to New York City, NY to sketching the design process of a handful of BIG’s architecture projects, this documentary reveals the non-stop and fast paced life of the architect.

During our discussion, Mike and I talk about how our admiration of Bjarke Ingel’s as a person and the architecture firm, BIG. We geek out over one of his books, his persona, and that Ingels is the creative partner at BIG and Sheela Søgaard is the CEO who oversees the entire firm. We speculate about the strategic move for all of the partners to BIG to focus on the areas of the firm with their strengths.

Check out the trailer for BIG Time here, which is available on Netflix, and Bjarke Ingel’s Group here.

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