Episode 09 - Unpacking Trello

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In this episode, we talk about Trello which is an app that helps keep us and our teams organized through the use of boards which are the overall projects, lists which are the major headers, and cards that are specific tasks within the lists. These boards, lists, and cards are flexible and could be arranged in any way that we decide.

Trello is a user friendly app that allows users to personally organize their lives and projects or collaborate efficiently and effectively with their teams. As an individual, we are able to develop personal projects that are divided into specific lists and cards to help us remember what tasks need to be done to complete the project. Within an organization, Trello can be used to setup boards for business standards, new hires, FAQ’s, and bulletin board-like reminders.

Although Mike and Tim have both used Trello, Mike loves the app and Tim quit after several days of using it. As Mike talks about the different ways Trello can be used as both an individual and teams, Tim asks Mike about how he uses the app to organize his projects, to explain the differences between boards, lists, and cards, and to brainstorm how teams can use the app for their projects.

Check out Trello by clicking here.

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