Episode 11 - Unpacking Ulysses

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In this episode, we talk about Ulysses which is an iOS app designed to help writers stay organized and focused on one task; writing. We’ve all had similar experiences creating folders filled with text files for blog posts that we expect to write and chapters for books that are in the works.

Ulysses helps us simplify and view all of our text files in a clear way to help us stay on track. This app’s interface is very similar to email clients where there are folders in one column, a text file list in the center column, and the text within each file that we’re writing in the third column. We can switch between folders and files easily and avoid losing track of where our text files are saved.

As Mike explains how Ulysses works, Tim starts to notice the ways that Ulysses would’ve helped him save time and stay focused as he wrote his book, Starting an Architecture Firm, in early 2018. We talk about how Mike uses Ulysses to keep his blog posts in order and to maintain his daily journal.

Check out Ulysses by clicking here.

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