Episode 12 - Unpacking Online Design Communities

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In this episode, we talk about online design communities and the benefits of joining one as a designer. We discuss the different kinds of communities out there, how we would recommend getting involved, and the fulfilling feeling that comes with helping others.

Online communities are places where people who share a common interest come together to share their work, ideas, and answers to common questions. They’re great places to get fast and opinionated feedback from people of all ages and levels. Tim talks about a recent community that he joined for the Glowforge laser cutter that he owns and explains how we can all benefit from sharing ideas with one another through these forums.

As we discuss Tim’s experiences with joining and contributing to an online community, we also talk about the potential of having “trolls” who write negatively about the posts that we share and how to overcome them. Mike asks Tim lots of questions about what it’s like to be in an online community and we talk about how designers can find one of their own.

Check out the Glowforge community by clicking here.

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