Episode 13 - Unpacking Failure

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In this episode, we talk about what it means to fail as a designer working on a project and in general. We discuss the mindset of people who focus on failure versus the ones who think about design as taking steps to achieve a goal. Within those steps, we’re bound to make mistakes that we learn and grow from.

We go over our views on what failure means to designers and ways that we’ve found to be helpful for overcoming our fear of failure. Mike shares some of his personal stories of what might be perceived to be a failure and how he saw those moments as opportunities to grow. Tim shares some of his current struggles with the fear of failure and how he focuses on his reasons for pursuing his passions instead of all the things that could possibly go wrong.

As we get further along in our conversation, Mike and Tim share their views on failure as being a choice of personal perspective that could cripple designers. By simply changing the way we think about what we’re working on so that it’s fun and enjoyable, we can get ourselves out of the paralyzing effects of being afraid to fail.

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