Episode 14 - Unpacking Personal Fashion

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In this episode, we talk about discovering our personal fashion preferences and its evolution with our careers and lives. We get into a discussion about the differences between our fashion style at work versus our daily lives.

As designers, we’re constantly expressing our work through the graphics that we develop, products that we make, and built projects that we design. With our creative mindset, we often have opinions about the aesthetics of everything around us, including the way that we look. In most cases, our wardrobe evolves with us from academia to the profession and thereafter. Until we’ve established ourselves enough to feel comfortable expressing our personal fashion preferences, many of us often conform to the aesthetic that is expected of us, which is okay.

Mike and Tim get into conversations about hygiene, dressing at the same level or better than your clients, and gaining the confidence to dress however we want to within any setting. Side note, during this recording, Mike was wearing sneakers, jeans, and a T-shirt and Tim was wearing shoes, bright blue pants, and a black T-shirt.

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