Episode 16 - Unpacking Evernote

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In this episode, Mike talks about an app called Evernote that allows the user to organize their notes, research, photographs, and other important information in one place. We talk about how it can be used as an individual as well as in teams where project based information can be shared with clients and colleagues.

Evernote is a cloud based app that was developed to assist people with storing important information and keeping it organized so that we can find specific content in the future. Designers can use Evernote to organize research for their projects ranging from tools and techniques to design ideas and precedents as well as materials and manufacturers. The information can be stored in specific folders called “books” that we create and we can use a tool in our web browsers to clip information from articles that we read and images that we find.

During the discussion, Mike gives examples of how he uses Evernote in both his personal life and for all of his projects. Tim brainstorms ideas for how Evernote’s features that allow sharing of books with our team, clients, and others.


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