Episode 18 - Unpacking Mentorship

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In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about the importance of mentoring others to bring up the next generation of designers so that they can lead and continue the cycle of helping others. Having a mentor allows you to focus and get ahead in your life and career by learning from the experiences that they’ve gained over their lifetime.

During this discussion, Mike and Tim talk about their experiences with their mentors and how it affected their lives. They talk about how they found their mentors and maintained their relationships from school to the profession. Now that they’re seasoned professionals, Mike and Tim talk about how they’re mentoring the younger generations and the importance of getting to know their mentees so that they can provide the right guidance.

Tim talked about how Mike mentored and helped him develop his blog when he first started, which shows that a mentor doesn’t need to be decades older than the mentee. Mike talks about the different ways we can find the right mentees to guide. It all depends on the mentor and mentee’s personality and approach to their lives and careers.

Don’t miss this episode on the importance of mentorship and we hope that you can find people that you can guide with their lives and careers.

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