Episode 19 - Unpacking Rants - Depiction in the Media

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In this episode, Mike goes on a rant about the way that designers and architects are portrayed in different types of media; typically a nerd wearing black clothes and black glasses. Mike and Tim discuss how designers are portrayed in written, video, and photographic media.

During this discussion, Tim talks about how most designers and architects’ social circles are typically other designers and architects, which might affect the way that the remainder of society sees us. The way that architects are depicted in movies follows the stereotypical images and stories of what people think architects dress and behave.

Mike starts a discussion about the idea that most people don’t have interactions with designers and architects. As a possible solution to this issue, Mike and Tim talk about how designers can start social media channels to show what their lives are like in their respective fields. This is especially true for the younger generations whose social circles extend beyond just the design profession. We can use social media to show our family, friends, and everyone else our thought process and lives as designers.

Don’t miss our first rant about the way designers are depicted in the media. Let us know what you think about how we’re portrayed and how you think we can start to change the general society’s perception of us.

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