Episode 20 - Unpacking Identity

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In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about what being a designer means to us and how it influences our lives. They talk about how being a designer affect the way that we look at the world through a creative lens.

To develop one’s identity as a designer, one needs to have confidence in their design process and style and be able to explain one’s ideas to others in an understandable way. Having confidence allows one to work through design ideas without hesitation and doubt.

In this discussion, Mike and Tim focus on what it means to develop a personal style as a designer and how it can influence a designer’s work and career. As they dive deeper into the idea of developing a personal style, Mike and Tim talk about how designers find their style through the process of design that they develop over time.

How can we find our process and styles of design? Hear what Mike and Tim are doing to find their style in this episode and let us know how you found your personal style of design.

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