Episode 21 - Unpacking Design Conferences

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Why should designers attend conferences hosted by organizations in their respective fields? How can young professionals afford the travel, accommodations, and cost of attending these conferences? In this episode, Mike and Tim discuss the value of attending conferences at any point in one’s career. From advice on budgeting for a conference to networking tips, they talk about how they personally get the most out of every conference.

For anyone thinking about attending a conference in their field, it’s important to plan ahead and come up with an action plan on budget, seminars, keynotes, and networking opportunities. In many cases, design firms offer reimbursements for employees to attend conferences in their fields. If not, Mike and Tim suggest that designers who are unable to personally afford the cost of attending a conference can reach out to the organization asking for scholarship opportunities and open volunteer positions.

Ultimately, attending conferences in our respective design fields will inspire us through the keynotes, tours, and seminars that we attend. They remind us of the reasons why we joined the field and reinvigorate our belief that anything is possible.

How can you make the most of your conference while staying within a tight budget? Hear what Mike and Tim do when they’re planning to attend a design conference in this episode.

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