Episode 22 - Unpacking Pay Gaps

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How can designers come together and address the pay gaps within all design professions? What are some of the implicit biases that we have about white males, women, people of color, and others?  In this episode, Tim and Mike talk about the uncomfortable topic of pay gaps within the design profession based on a YouTube video by Glamour Magazine entitled “Confronting the Pay Gap: Two Graphic Designers Compare Salaries”.

Whether we’re aware of the struggles that minorities and women face in the design professions or not, statistics show that people who fall into these groups generally earn less than white males. However, having a diverse design team often leads to unique design solutions through the various experiences that people of different cultures and backgrounds offer.

As an individual, how can female and minority designers begin to close the pay gap at their firms? By knowing their value to the firm and developing the confidence to negotiate for equal pay. This means that it’s important to know the average pay for specific skillsets and roles and learning how to leverage oneself at a negotiation meeting.

What are some ways that we can work towards equal pay and rights at design firms? How can we ensure that the population of minorities and women continue to grow in our design fields? Hear Tim and Mike’s thoughts on the topic of women and minority pay gaps in the design profession and how they think we can start to address these issues in our fields. Let’s keep this conversation going at our Facebook page linked below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ1KDzrVUWg – Graphic Designers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQC2ZSILFKw - Executives


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