Episode 24 - Unpacking Airbnb

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How can we travel to new places on a budget and explore favorite local areas? Where can we go to recharge our creative spirit? One of the companies that Mike and Tim have been using for their personal travels is Airbnb. The way it works is that local people offer either a shared room in their apartment, condo, house, and so on, to guests who are looking to stay for a short period of time. Using the Airbnb app, you can search specific cities and filter by date, number of people, shared or full home rental, and other amenities like parking spots, fireplace, pools, and so forth.

As a creative professional, traveling and exploring new places can help reinvigorate our creativity. Airbnb makes it affordable to travel the world and find local experiences through the “experience” feature on their app where you can book things like pottery classes in New York City or surfing lessons in Los Angeles.

Best of all, you can find the place that fits your personal interests in design. Perhaps you’re an architect looking for a unique house to visit or a writer searching for inspiration in a secluded forest cabin by a waterfall. Maybe you’re an interior, fashion, or graphic designer looking to stay at a place that fits your personal design style. Airbnb’s community of hosts spans all different walks of life and each place is unique.

In this episode, Mike and Tim share some of their experiences staying at an Airbnb, interacting with their hosts, and exploring the local hotspots. They talk about how they use Airbnb to plan their experience in places where they’re traveling and their excitement to try the experiences feature of Airbnb.


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