Episode 33 - Unpacking Design Life - Session 02 // Mars Leather Co

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Ever thought about starting a retail company where you make and sell your own goods? In this episode, Tim talks about the next product line he’s coming up with for Mars Leather Company and gives some insight into the differences and similarities between large and small products.

During the episode, Mike asks Tim about his process for finding accessories for his products. He talks about using Amazon to find specific items, but eventually, importing accessories in bulk from manufacturers in China. He dives deeper into his ideas and processes for his next project to design watch straps for the Apple Watch.

Tim talks about the hardest part of coming up with a new product line for Mars Leather Company which is developing the best prototype that captures all of the design ideas and is as close to perfect as possible. He shares one of the flaws of many designers which is that we obsess over the most minor flaws in our designs and products and always feel the need to make them better.

Learn more about how Tim is developing the next product line for Mars Leather Company in this episode!

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