Episode 34 - Unpacking Toggl

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Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on your projects? Whether you work for someone else or you’re self-employed, knowing how much time you’re spending on specific tasks for a project can help you work more efficiently and accurately setup your fees.

Whether you’re new to freelancing, starting a business of your own, or you’re genuinely curious about how long it takes for you to complete specific tasks for a project, Toggl helps you effortlessly track your time. In this episode, Mike talks about how he’s using Toggl to log the amount of time it takes for him to accomplish various tasks for a new side hustle that he’s starting.

Mike and Tim discuss the benefits of using a simple software like Toggl that has a minimal interface and self-explanatory steps to starting and tracking your first project. They discuss the potential benefits for freelancers and dive deeper into how Mike is currently using Toggl and his plans for future projects.

Learn more about how Toggl can help you become more efficient at the things you’re working on in your life in this episode!

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