Episode 39 - Unpacking Authenticity

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What does it mean to be authentic with the designs that we develop, products that we create, and lives on social media? How do we maintain ownership of the creative ideas that we share with the world? Today, more entrepreneurs are creating, marketing, and selling products online and oftentimes, larger corporations copy successful ones and sell it in their stores.

In this episode, Tim talks about an episode on a podcast called Clever where the hosts Amy and Jaime talk about originality in the age of social media. This episode of Clever focused on a designer named Madline Weinrib who designed textiles that were copied and stolen by other companies.

Mike and Tim get into a discussion about the differences between copying and emulating the ideas from people that we see on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. They talk about how people should be getting inspired by the content that they see on social media, but never directly copying and calling a design or product their own.

Learn more about what it means to be authentic as a designer in a world where ideas are overflowing on all social media platforms in this episode.

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