Episode 43 - Unpacking Mailchimp

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Have you ever wanted to start your own newsletter where you can share your work with your friends, family, and audience? Or grow a list of avid followers who are interested in your company’s vision, products, and services? Creating an email campaign using a service like Mailchimp can help any person and business distribute essential information about their values, services, and products with their growing audience.

In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about how they’ve used Mailchimp for their architecture blogs to share information about the things that they’re working on, tools that they’ve found to be helpful, and what they’re up to in their lives. They discuss the benefits of using an email service like Mailchimp for designers to share their work and engage with their audience.

Later in the episode, Mike and Tim share stories about how services like Mailchimp has helped them put together beautiful and clear newsletters that relate to their brands. They get into a discussion about how reviewing statistics with their newsletters through Mailchimp helps them figure out the types of content that their audience like most through their engagement with each newsletter.

Learn more about how Mike and Tim use Mailchimp for their architecture blogs and some tips for using an email service in this episode.

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