Episode 44 - Unpacking Design Life - Session 06 // Our 2019 Goals

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What kinds of goals do designers like Mike and Tim set for themselves at the start of a new year? As we enter the new year, 2019, Tim is focusing on finishing his 30x30 projects for his blog, Journey of an Architect, and transitioning his focus to Mars Leather Company. Mike’s goal is to start and grow his latest side hustle, paperook, which will be a web design company.

In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about how they came up with their goals for the upcoming year and reflect on some of the reasons that are informing their decisions. Tim goes on a tangent about another project he’s been planning for over a year focusing on sharing the stories of refugees coming to America. Mike’s goal for 2019 is to launch Paperook’s website and design 12 websites throughout the year. He shares some of the planning that he’s been doing to streamline Paperook’s onboarding and design process.

Mike and Tim get into a discussion about time and what it means to focus on completing specific projects and accomplishing goals. They talk about the idea of time in relation to the goals that they’ve set for 2019 and how they plan to prioritize them throughout the year.

Learn more about Mike and Tim’s goals for 2019 in this episode.

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