Episode 45 - Unpacking Nostalgia

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Is there anything from your past that you wish you had more of today? How does this idea of nostalgia relate to our professions as designers? Mike and Tim discuss nostalgia from their perspectives as designers and how it can relate to specific brands, products, and more!

Two things that Tim is nostalgic for are physical books and handmade crafts. He’s always been amazed by the attention to detail, precision, marks, and skills that go into handmade crafts. Tim still prefers to read physical books because of the sensory elements that come with paper.

Mike gets into a discussion about Super Mario and talks about the significance of the character(s) that are at the forefront of the company’s brand. Although new games are being created around the original cast, there are new members being added and some minor modifications to the characters that we remember. The brand maintains the nostalgic ideas that society has for their characters and are able to continue successfully building their business.

There are other products that we remember and are still around today like LEGOs. LEGOs are now multi-generational where various age groups come together for a common purpose; building with these standardized blocks. Other companies who try to use nostalgia to sell products often fail. One example is Sony Playstation and their attempt to release older games with their latest consoles.

Learn more about how nostalgia has been used by designers to build their brands and businesses in this episode.

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