Episode 46 – Unpacking The Ideal Client

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As a predominantly service based profession, our businesses and livelihoods rely on designing for clients who in turn pay us. What makes a client one that is ideal for our design firm? What can we implement at our firm to improve our client base and dispel their assumptions about our design process?

For Mike, it’s all about finding a client who is able to make decisions, has the finances for their project, and has clear lines of communication. In Tim’s opinion, the ideal client allows him to have design freedom and doesn’t take on the role of being a designer. An ideal client is one who trusts the design decisions that we make for their project.

As Mike and Tim get into a deeper discussion about their ideal clients, they talk about the importance of having one decision maker; especially clients with larger teams and chains of command. They talk about how open and clear communication can benefit all projects where the decision makers relay final decisions directly with the design team’s leader to avoid misinterpretation.

After their long discussion about ideal clients, Mike and Tim talk about a dilemma that all designers eventually face with their clients which is a misunderstanding of what it takes to design a project. Whether it’s a client’s assumption of the time it takes a designer to design a project using today’s technology. They end on an idea that perhaps designers and firms should provide an informational page that’s simple and full of graphics showing their process of designing a project from client meeting to design and completion.

Learn more about Mike and Tim’s idea of an ideal client for designers and firms in this episode.

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