Episode 51 – Unpacking Career Growth

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When designers enter their profession and start working at a firm, there are some who find themselves with consistent upward movement to higher level roles and others who feel stuck in their position. Many designers who feel stuck are faced with two common options: Do you stay and keep trying to grow? Or leave and enter a different firm?

In this episode Mike and Tim share personal stories and strategies that they’ve taken to move to higher level positions within their firms. Mike suggests designers always focus on the next steps in their careers. Are there opportunities to get a professional license in one’s field? Or are there certifications that one can obtain? He also shares his perspective from entering the workforce during the recession in 2008/2009.

Tim talks about the passive personalities of a majority of designers and how this passiveness can lead to less career growth. He believes annual meetings with the managing partner to discuss growth within the firm and share one’s visions for the future opens opportunities for career growth. Being open and able to ask for more opportunities while showing that one is able to take on the additional responsibilities will help one gain consistent growth in one’s career.

Mike and Tim share a lot more information about how designers can grow within their careers in this episode!

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