Episode 52 – Unpacking Design Life – Session 08 // Kit House and Biz Dev

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When designers work on projects that will be produced at scale, one of the scariest potential outcomes is that there’s an omission in the design that effects hundreds or thousands of final products. This is something that Tim is always considering as an architect who works on specific areas of projects that are replicated and reproduced; like condominium units in a skyscraper or units of a hospital. It was one of the things he considered while designing his 28th project, the 21st Century Kit House on Journey of an Architect.

Aside from the architecture side of Tim’s life, he’s also exploring the world of video where he’ll be experimenting with video content for Mars Leather Company. He’s interested in learning more about shooting, editing, and sharing short marketing videos that showcase the process of making leather products with his followers.

Mike’s primary focus for 2019 is developing his new web design company, Paperook. He’s coming up with ideas for reaching out to prospective clients and getting them onboard with his business. His latest idea is to provide a potential homepage layout for the business and cold emailing it to companies to show them a potential new website layout. In addition to this, Mike talks about the back of house items of his business such as putting together legal documents for future clients to sign and potentially setting up a subscription based maintenance service for clients that he enjoys working with in the future.

Learn more about Mike and Tim’s pursuits in this week’s design life update!

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