Episode 54 – Unpacking Rants - A Designer's Age

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Within every profession, there is a common perception that a person’s age defines their level of experience and positions in their careers. In most cases, this perception is true where people who have spent more time working in their careers are more established and experienced than younger professionals. In the 21st century, does age have an equivalent value to experience?

In this episode, Tim goes on a rant about how the quantity of time spent within a design professional’s career should not define the roles, responsibilities, and level of experience of that person. He argues that these qualities of the design professional are determined by how they’ve spent that amount of time.

Mike and Tim discuss the idea of younger design professionals feeling entitled to larger roles and responsibilities when they might not be ready for it. They also talk about it from the opposite perspective of younger professionals who are ready for higher level roles, but have reached a glass ceiling because of how people perceive them due to their age.

Check out what Mike and Tim have to say about the relationship between a design professional’s age and experience in this episode!

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