Episode 57 – Unpacking Blogs

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As a way of documenting and sharing the ideas that we have with the world, blogs are platforms that we build to disseminate information that we’re interested in with the world. Blogs provide freedom to share the things that we care about with the world and opportunities to develop our personal brand. What is it that defines us as designers? Why should designers start a blog in the 21st century?

Mike and Tim both started a blog a little over 3 years ago where they share their ideas and experiences as registered architects with their peers. Mike’s blog, Evolving Architect, shares information about building a career in architecture from his personal experiences and perspective. Tim’s blog, Journey of an Architect, shares his process of designing 30 projects by the time he turns 30 (May 2020).

In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about how they started their blogs, the importance of names, developing a personal brand, and finding your voice. They share their experiences, both good and bad, with developing an efficient way of maintaining their blogs and pivoting along the way.

At the end of the episode, Mike and Tim give some advice for any designers out there who have been contemplating starting a blog.

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