Episode 61 - Unpacking Design Life - Session 11 // paperook and Juggling Multiple Brands

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When running multiple brands simultaneously, how do you mentally separate and focus on each one independently? For some people, like Mike, it helps to make each brand as visually different as possible to maintain a clear separation between them.

Mike has been developing content for his blog, Evolving Architect, building his new web design company Paperook, and working on the Unpacking Design podcast with Tim. Mike talks about his new process for writing long-form and meaningful blog posts by focusing on specific monthly themes. He’s also starting to market Paperook to find new clients for his company.

Later in the episode Mike and Tim talk about how they avoid the anxiety and fear that comes with any new endeavor. They also discuss how they overcome the doubt that comes with knowing there’s a lot of other designers working in the same space.

Learn more about the projects that Mike is currently working on and the importance of mentally compartmentalizing multiple projects and brands in this episode.

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