Episode 64 - Unpacking Design Life - Session 12 // The Scientific Method and Moving Forward

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Every designer eventually finds the best process for bringing their projects from concept to completion. For some, it might start with endless sketching that results in a great idea. For others, it may be a logic process that starts with precedent studies, emulating those projects, and eventually transforming the studies into the final deliverable. What is your design process and how has it developed over time?

In this episode of design life, Tim talks about refocusing his time on specific projects that he’s currently working on and spending most of his time on one project. He talks about the paralyzing effects of spreading his time too thin on each project to his ability to move forward by deciding to spend a majority of his time on one project.

Later in the episode, Tim talks about his process of design that emulates the scientific method. He shares his process with Mike that generally starts with a general research phase, a written document summarizing his findings, a thesis for his project, designing as the experimental phase, and a conclusion where he shares his findings and the outcome of the design project. When Tim finishes a project and moves onto the next one, he applies what he learned from previous projects.

Learn more about how Tim applies the scientific method to his design and how he stays focused on his projects when he’s feeling overwhelmed in this episode.

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