Episode 65 - Unpacking Relevancy

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Every designer has a vision or dream for where they want their careers to ultimately end up. For some, their careers are a financial vehicle that allows them to spend their free time in their own way. For others, they want their careers to allow them to pursue the kinds of design opportunities that inspire them. How can young designers stay relevant in their careers without losing sight of important skills, design ideas, and trends?

In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about what it means to stay relevant as a designer and as a firm. They talk about the importance of maintaining a desired skillset by pursuing opportunities that allows one to continue utilizing and building upon those skills. They argue that a designer should never give up the use of a current trending software to use an archaic one. Mike and Tim discuss the value of pursuing personal speculative projects to test one’s design ideas either at their design firm or on their free time. This allows the designer to figure out if a niche within their profession is something that they really want to pursue or if it isn’t what they thought it would be.

Learn more about what it means to stay relevant in terms of skills, design ideas, and trends in this episode.

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