Episode 66 – Unpacking Laser Cutting Ideas

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With a powerful tool like a laser cutter where any designer’s ideas can come to life in physical form, it’s often a difficult task to come up with original products to create, share, and potentially sell. That’s where it’s helpful to brainstorm new ideas with your friends who can bring new ideas to the table that you haven’t considered. What are some potential products that could be developed on a laser cutter?

In this episode, Tim shares his struggle with coming up with original ideas to develop on his laser cutter that has a high potential of selling online through Etsy. Mike and Tim brainstorm several potential ideas like cutting multiple pieces of a material to create an assembly of parts that come together to form a 3 dimensional product. They discuss the idea of originality and why Tim is struggling with using his tool to create innovative niche based products.

Learn more about the potential products that could be made on a laser cutter and what it means to have original designs in this episode.

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