Episode 68 - Unpacking Resumes

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Although it’s an unfortunate reality that having a great resume is still part of our process for employment in the 21st century, it’s still one of the most common ways that we introduce ourselves to prospective employers. When we don’t have a connection in our network to new opportunities and we’re ready to join another design firm, our resume is one of the ways to put our best foot forward and get through the door to an interview. How do we tell our story to these prospective employers and how do we craft it?

In this episode, Mike talks about the basic resume that everyone begins their careers with and eventually shifts to talking about catering specifically to the positions where a designer is interested in applying. Mike and Tim discuss the way resumes generally focus on the past with implications of future pursuits. They dive into the design of resumes and talk about the common templates that they’re seeing in the design professions. They also share their thoughts on having a personal website and greater online presence as a way for designers to showcase their ideas and personal pursuits.

Learn more about crafting a resume for the employers where you’d like to work and common issues with templates to avoid in this episode.

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