Episode 69 - Unpacking Lifestyle

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At some point in every designer’s career, there’s a moment where we fall into a routine with our work schedule, hobbies, and habits. Once we have these routines setup, our time after 5PM when we leave the office tend to focus on developing relationships with the people we love and pursuing the hobbies that we enjoy. Why is it important to get time away from the world of design? Why is it so hard for designers to shift their focus away from their projects and new ideas?

In this episode, Mike and Tim reflect on the early days of their careers and how they were always pursuing design projects. From sunrise to sunset, they were constantly working on competitions and speculative projects. They talk about their experience after graduating and all the energy they had towards their pursuit of more. Their discussion leads to a focus on the importance of building healthy habits and avoiding overworking ourselves to the point of burning out.

Learn more about what it means to develop a healthy lifestyle full of design projects and relationships in this episode.

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