Episode 71 - Unpacking Free Work

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One of the habits of all designers is the pursuit of free work for family, friends, competitions, and so on. We all have the tendency to want to solve any design problem that comes our way with very little thought to the value of the propositions we deliver. The best example are design competitions where designers actually pay a fee to submit their design proposal in hopes of winning money and/or commission. When should designers be pursuing free work and when should they turn it down?

In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about what it means to pursue free work and how often they see it occur in the design professions. They get into a larger discussion about when they would consider pursuing free work through the value of other exchanges. This includes potential marketing opportunities where the design proposal is shown to a larger audience and credited to the designer. In reality, no design work should ever be free. There should always be an associated value from the other party who is receiving the design project.

Learn more about what it means to pursue free work as a designer and how you can leverage it to create opportunities for marketing and prospective clients.

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