Episode 76 - Unpacking Design Life - Session 16 // Burnout and Developing Positive Flow

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In episode 29, Mike unpacked his experience with burnout from 2017-2018 where he decided to take time off from his personal endeavors to find balance and harmony in his life. Recently, Tim realized that he was approaching burnout because his family and friends pointed out that he seemed exhausted and didn’t seem as passionate towards his projects as several months ago.

In this episode, Tim talks about the last project for his blog Journey of an Architect where he’s designing a large scale building as the 30th and final one of his 30x30 series. He describes the amount of time he’s spent on trying to finish the project and how he’s looking forward to taking time off when it’s complete. Mike discusses a recent blog post that Tim wrote where he shares tips for architects using a software for visualizing projects and urges Tim to share it in more places.

Check out the deep conversation between Mike and Tim about realizing burnout and avoiding it in this week’s episode of design life!

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