Episode 78 - Unpacking Tiny Houses

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One of the latest trends that has caught the attention of the press in the 21st century is the rise of tiny houses and the minimalist lifestyle. The ideas behind both trends are aligned from giving up non-essential items to being more socially and environmentally aware of our decisions. Why do people choose to pursue this kind of lifestyle and how does one benefit from having it?

In this episode, Mike shares his latest interest in tiny house designs and the minimalist lifestyle that comes with it. He tells Tim about his new idea to design a tiny house of his own as a future speculative project that can potentially be built. Tim shares some insight into the development of tiny houses built on trailer beds in relationship to building codes. Their discussion ranges from the custom design and detailing of specific items in tiny houses to the ability of the resident to personalize the entire structure. They also talk about the minimalist lifestyle and how residents of tiny houses tend to let go of lots of personal items.

Check out the conversation between Mike and Tim about the tiny house movement and the minimalist lifestyle that comes with it in this week’s episode of Unpacking Design!

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