Episode 79 - Unpacking Design Life - Session 17 // Tim’s Week Off and App Ideas

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What goes on in the mind of a designer who perpetually comes up with new ideas every day? How do you filter these ideas and choose the ones to pursue? What if some of these ideas have the potential to be worth millions of dollars?

In this episode, Tim shares his experience during his first week off of working on any personal projects to focus on relaxing and regaining his passions. During this time off, Tim came up with two ideas for potential apps and brainstormed how they would work as well as how they should be built. The first was an app where one could trade credits for specific stores and services for slightly less money via an app where real people can offer to purchase the credits. The second was an app for architects and engineers to simplify the design process by filtering the required building codes and related regulations.

Check out the conversation between Mike and Tim about his app ideas and some of the lessons that Tim has learned from his time off so far in this week’s episode of design life!

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