Episode 80 - Unpacking DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects

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How do you find a hobby that you’re truly passionate about? When should you pursue a do-it-yourself project and how can you determine if it’s better to hire a professional to do the project?

In this episode, Mike and Tim discuss the various ways people can come up with potential DIY projects to pursue as a hobby, home renovation or repairs, and as a small crafts business. Tim shares his experience with finding leatherworking as a hobby to pursue and eventually turning it into a small business on the side where he sells items online. Mike talks about the importance of planning the projects including the tools one will need and the time it will take to complete the project.

Both Mike and Tim discuss the importance of finding communities to join and contribute to both online and in real life. They also suggest taking classes to learn the specific DIY trade or craft that one is interested in pursuing. They end the episode with advice from being patient through the process, always having fun, and making mistakes along the way.

Learn more about finding a DIY project for yourself and how you can build the necessary set of skills and tools for the trade or craft in this episode of Unpacking Design!

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