Episode 81 – Unpacking Boosted Rev

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There are many people seeking and embracing alternative means of transportation in major metropolitan areas where traveling through either public or private means is often unreliable. In places like New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago where traffic is unbearable and public transportation is congested, other means such as bicycling and skateboarding are faster and more reliable. One of the latest trends is e-scooters with a popular one from Boosted Boards (maker of a popular motorized long board skateboard) called the Boosted Rev that has a top speed of 24 MPH and 20 miles range.

In this episode, Tim shares his latest pursuit of giving up his car and traveling from his house to his office and back by bicycling. In his search for alternative means of transportation, he came across the latest hot tech item, the Boosted Rev, and has been contemplating purchasing one for his daily commute. The durability, sleek aesthetic, powerful motors, and safety features makes the Boosted Rev a great purchase for short daily commutes.

Mike and Tim compare the Boosted Rev to other popular forms of transportation from the Boosted Board to One Wheel. They also get into a debate about the downsides of the Boosted Rev including the weight (47 lbs) and the inconvenience of lugging it around a store or restaurant.

Learn more about the Boosted Rev and other potential forms of transportation for short commutes in this episode of Unpacking Design!

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